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ZetaTalk: Near Earth Objects
Note: written on Sep 15, 1999. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Near Earth Objects are getting a lot of attention, not only in the press but in movies such as Deep Impact. The theme is that falling asteroids threaten to destroy life on Earth. This is a lot of hype that NASA and JPL and the elite they are closely allied with are foisting on the public. Of course these objects have been floating out there since the beginning of time, through all of man’s history, and the Earth has not come to an end, nor would it. You are being fed a line, that an object a mile wide would cause life on Earth to snuff out. This is nonsense. Such objects have clearly fallen on the Earth. Look at some of the craters that are apparent, the one that forms the Gulf of Mexico, for instance. Did life snuff out? It’s been continuing steadily. They are feeding this to you because they need an excuse to dredge up Star Wars again and spend tons of money to protect the Earth from what they see coming at it.

They know that the 12th Planet is approaching. They’ve analyzed its path and have concluded the Earth will be OK, though the 12th Planet does not act like a normal comet. It has its own course, based on it’s weight, but is coming on predictably according to our assertions. However, they now know that they cannot escape the cataclysms. Some of them are trying to get to the surface of Mars, in a grand hooray about looking for water and seeing if they can establish an atmosphere. This is not for you, the taxpayer, this is for a small handful of the elite who are hoping that they can distance themselves from the high tides and earthquakes that the Earth will experience, but none of that will succeed.

Nor will attempting to shoot the 12th Planet out of the sky succeed, sending Plutonium up in probes that will be spun around and headed in a direction where they can perhaps cause an explosion on the surface of the approaching planet and send it out of its course. None of this will succeed because the hominoids that live on the 12th Planet and the hominoids that live on the Earth are to be quarantined from each other and not interfere with each other. Thus, any missile that they would choose to send would fail, just as many attempts at establishing space stations or getting items launched have failed. So take the hype about Near Earth Objects with a grain of salt, and think about history, before you go down the path that NASA and JPL and the elite they serve would have you be led.

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