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ZetaTalk: EQ Pegasi Signal
Note: written on Jul 15, 1999

This was a hoax, indeed, and a rather obvious one. Disinformation comes from many directions, but they all lead to a common source. Carefully orchestrated so as to appear in conflict with each other, in competition with each other. The many sources in fact do not know of each other so this competition is genuine, at least from the players standpoint. The source is not MJ12, which is more concerned about how to get the truth out, in a manner that won't cause destructive panic. The source is also not the legitimate government, or any of it's agencies, including the much gutted of late CIA. The source is more related to the black helicopters, and the mutilations, a loosely connected group of establishment characters who know of the coming cataclysms and the alien presence through membership in MJ12, and innuendoes given to their friends. Some call this group the New Word Order, though they go by no formal name, nor even realize in many cases that they are working together.

Many discredited CIA members, kicked out of the government as an alternative to eliminating them (i.e. killing them), have become employed by the wealthy and nervous. They know of each other, and contact each other, and without informing the employers are working together. If this would astonish you, that they could have a reach into NASA and foist a fraud, take a look at the personality of most of those running NASA, and their former affiliation to the CIA. All one evil club.

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