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ZetaTalk: SOHO
Note: written on Jun 15, 1999

The SOHO, like many of the arms of NASA and JPL, can tell stories. They control the satellites. How do you determine if it’s true or not? They receive the images, and they relay these to you. You don’t receive these images from the SOHO directly, anymore than you do from the Hubble. This has long been a complaint of astronomers, as they have turned off a direct feed so that the public cannot make their own determinations. You’re told, selectively, what you are to hear, and there’s plenty of time between when the image is taken and the public is given the image for doctoring and editing to occur. You’re being fed a story. There is no extra object within your solar system at this time, as reportedly observed by the SOHO. The 12th Planet, which is approaching, from the direction of Orion in general, is outside of your solar system, rapidly approaching but not yet within it, nor will it be until the year 2003 in the last weeks before its passage [Note: see 2003 Date explanation] between the earth and the sun.

Why are you being told these stories? For the same reason you’re getting a lot of movies about asteroids approaching and creating tidal waves and volcanoes erupting in Los Angeles. Why would such a thing pop up and be a complete obsession of Hollywood? It’s been pretty steady for the last several decades - romance, foreign countries, murder and who-done-it and all of a sudden we’re dealing with asteroids and tidal waves. You’re being educated. You’re being prepared for something. Your subconscious is being spoken to. They are telling you that there will be something within the solar system that you need to worry about. The fact that they are warning you and nothing seems to materialize is all a way of keeping society humming along while at the same time speaking to your subconscious, making you uneasy. You are to prepare, you are to respond to this, and NASA will never be called to account to explain to you in detail what it’s doing with these mistruths it’s spinning your way.

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