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ZetaTalk: Cooperation
Note: written on Apr 15, 1999

Most people who cooperate with the government are not doing because they all sat down in a smoke filled room, shared a drink, and nailed down on the board exactly who's going to do what. The process is not at all like that. The private citizen is presented with an opportunity, with a serious person who comes and suggests that perhaps they might do this or that, is flashing credentials, is a most impressive person, intelligent, well groomed, and relays the message that it's necessary to downplay panic, to distract the populace, to counter something else that has gone wrong, and is always dressed in a way that the person feels that they are doing the right thing by cooperating with people who are like parents, looking out for society at large. People can be led to do the most outrageous acts with this kind of approach. They may have a little uneasiness about it, as they have no way of determining whether they are being told the truth., but they usually cooperate because they have a lack of information, and to go with the flow and do what they've been requested to do is the most logical thing, even though their intuition may be telling them otherwise.

Most of the frauds that are being put out to distract the populace have built in self-destruct mechanisms. Build-in discrediting, so that the populace is told a falsehood, but at the same time they're told that it is a falsehood, and discussions go in both ways. The CIA is famous for this, running people forth with a message and then cutting them off at the knees. Most often the people they use understand that this will be done to them, they understand that's it's necessary because the message that's going to be given will be upsetting and that by cutting them off at the knees and humiliating them, the populace will conclude it was just a hoax or a falsehood. Nevertheless, the message has been gotten out.

An example of this is the subliminal message in the false story about a capsule trailing Hale-Bopp. What were they talking about? Some sort of a virus that's going to come in a capsule and drop on Africa and destroy the crops. Are we not going to have crop shortages? Of course we are. People are being told to think about the potential of a crop shortage. Think about the potential of illnesses running rampant with an inability to stop this process. Maybe it's not even terrorism, but common illnesses like sewage that gets into the drinking water. People die from cholera by the thousands after certain earthquakes where this occurs, and this is going to be a rampant situation in your future. The secret government is trying to make the populace think to some degree, and they have allies in this who are willing to put out a message and then be willing to be ridiculed.

Many times these individuals do not know they're going to be ridiculed. They're in fact told they're going to be supported, and when they're trashed it's quiet a bit of a shock. They're also told not to complain and whine too loudly to the public. Then these individuals see the harsh side of the hand that they've been dealing with, now threatening to kill them, to main them, to main their loved ones or destroy their reputation. One only has to look to Bob Lazar to see what can be done. Evidence can be trumped up, manufactured, and prosecutors lined up with a glare pointed toward the individual. It's pretty scary. So most people just take their drumming and walk off and lick their wounds and don't say much.

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