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ZetaTalk: Alien Presence
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Regarding the issue of the alien presence, and the lack of proof thereof. There is a vast panoply of evidence that far surpasses the evidence required to secure patents at the patent office! There one need not prove the theory upon which the gadget is based, but simply demonstrate that the gadget works. Do not our gadgets work? Do not the traces on radar screens, which those who would debunk hide from the public, demonstrate that our gadgets work?

And what does it matter what humans choose to bunk/debunk, as their actions in these matters, this time around, are as insignificant as the breezes to the tide. The tide is rolling in, and the dams are too flimsy to withstand the steady pressure. The tides in the past ebbed and flowed, without the influence of those who debunk us. When the tide flowed, they would step up their actions, and when the tide ebbed, congratulate themselves. This was as meaningful as the bird on the back of a water buffalo, who congratulates itself when the buffalo walks in the direction desired. This was and is self-delusion, and those of deeper intelligence have always known this.

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