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ZetaTalk: Human Elites
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Regarding dominion over human society and those human elites who now hold this. We are not dupes. However, because of the lack of experience in direct interactions with us, some human elites have deluded themselves into believing that the moment of confrontation, where the rubber hits the road, will demonstrate to them that their anxieties were unfounded and that they can, after all, continue their dominion over human society as before. They do not see what is termed peaceful co-existence. They know only conquest. If they are not the conquerors, they are the vanquished. There is no middle ground. This is the degree of their ignorance, both of human affairs and of matters spiritual.

In the main, the elite groups ally with those already in the know, going into the pole shift, and who have a track record of being a staunch ally. This is not unlike the decisions each family head will make, when times get tense. Whom do they plan to include in a survival group, and invite? Who can they trust? Who do they know from long experience to be solid, and true to their word, and reliable? Thus, toward the end, those with strength are unlikely to ally with strangers, but with those they know. Packing together at the last minute, among strangers, is more likely to be among the weak, those with no other choice.

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