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It's been three years now storing store bought distilled water in plastic gallon containers. Some have begun to leak but about 95% still holding their water. I believe this will be long enough a period of time. I moved and shook them several times in the last two years. I also bought a 500 gallon plastic water container that I put underground to store more. They are cheap this time of year at Farmer Supply Stores. I have also stored water (tap water) in 2 liter plastic pop bottles with a few drops of bleach with 5.25% Sodium Hypochloride (which is regular household bleach). I store them in the 8 pack plastic cases they come in when delivered to the stores. You can get them in the back of any large grocery store. They are usually stacked there by the hundreds. After two years of this type storage I found the water a little stale. If you aerate the water by pouring it back and forth into another container this will make it taste better. I had it tested and it was fine. My tap water is in a small farming community so It might be better than that of a large city. If you filter the water before long term storage it would be better No leakage problems with the 2 Liter containers so far.

Offered by Carissa.