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I would like to point out that copper tubing cannot be used to distill water, its fine for alcohol, but not water, too many heavy metals will leech out into your water. Its best to use a food grade stainless steel tubing. Maybe for very short duration the copper will work. I brought this to your attention so that while we have the time to prepare we can at least prepare with items that have a longer term use and present no health hazards. Even though the price is a little high, the design of the distiller may help others come up with a distiller of their own. Food grade stainless steel (type 316L) tubing would be the best.

Today’s alloys contain many impurities, this list is a few impurities found in copper used today, keep in mind these are maximum amounts but their there never the less: Antimony .01%, Arsenic 5ppm, Iron .005%, Lead .005%, Manganese .001%, Phosphorus .001%, Silver .002%. As the tubing heats up these elements are released. In certain concentrations can be lethal, heavy metals accumulate in our bodies and have very little way to be expunged from our systems, unlike colloidal silver and other colloids. The temperatures used in the home (especially the cold water side) do not leech much into the drinking water. The hot water on the other hand does have considerable more minerals and elements in the water than does the cold side. Long term use would deny you what you seek - survival. Besides you have no idea how long you may be ON FOOT. Its best to prepare for the long haul rather than trying to figure it out in the aftertime.

Offered by Tim