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Would bacteria and viri in water can be killed by running a certain voltage through the water? Cells get destroyed by high voltage.

Offered by Michel.

That would be akin to Dr. Royal Rife's work. By running current at very low voltage and specific frequencies, one can rid the body of all sorts of viri, bacteria, parasites, and so forth. The body is mostly water. I don't think it would be the voltage that would be important but the frequency.

Offered by Martha.

Running a current through water causes the molecule to split into hydrogen and oxygen gas. It's called electrolisys, but there wouldn't be any contaminated water left. And if the two gases are collected and burned they recombine, the water vaper could be condensed and you would have uncontaminated water. So I guess it would work.

Offered by Travis.

The name of the book about Rife is: The Cancer Cure that Worked by Barry Lyons. Try it sometimes. See how much oxygen, hyrodgen, and water vapor you can collect. Not much I'm afraid. In any event, this isn't the way to go about sterilizing water. It's a little like draining the lake to collect some fish. The rationale behind Rife is that every species of bacteria and viri has a specific resonant frequency. If you expose that bug to its specific resonant frequency, you will cause it to go into resonance and vibrate itself to pieces (literally explode). The key to killing bugs is not the size of the voltage, but rather the correct frequency. This is exactly what Royal Raymond Rife was doing in the 1930's and knockng out bugs and their associated disease conditions left and right (that is before Morris Fishbein and the AMA found out about his success and put him out of business-as they have consistently done with any innovator who discovers a cheap and easy cure.)

Offered by Ed