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This water filter is manufactured by the Amway Corporation and was rated number 1 above counter filter by Consumer Reports (July 1997). It also has an adapter kit for installing under the counter. It's NSF certified standard 53. This year they are adding a UV mechanism to the filter to allow the filter to zap any of the really teeny parasites and provide extra protection against viruses. I have not checked lately to see whether that one is available yet, but I will, and let you know. They claim to reduce these contaminants, and the testing done by Consumer Reports and NSF concur:

Alachlor; asbestos; Atrazine; Chlordane; Chlorine taste and odor (I'm not sure how much of the chorine it is actually able to remove); class 1 listing for particulate contaminants; Ethylene dibromide; Dibromochloropropane; Heptachlorepoxide; Lead; Lindane; Mercury; Methoxyclor; PCB; Toxaphene; Trihalomethanes; Turbidity; Numerous Volatile Organic Chemicals, Zylene; Waterborne parasites (cysts), including cryptosporidium; 2,4-D, 2,3,5-TP; more than 100 pollutants listed as "priority" by the U.S. EPA; Hydrocarbons; particles as small as 1/3000 the diameter of a human hair (0.2 microns); Dioxin; Radon and radon-decay products; other industrial chemicals such as PCB.

Offered by Martha.