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Here is a way to sterilize water (micro-organisms only). Fill a large glass bottle with water (I use a wine flagon), make sure to dry the outside of bottle, wrap with blue (must be true blue) cellophane paper, secure at the neck of the bottle with a rubber band and place bottle in the sun for several hours, this destroys the bacteria and viruses by ultra violet light. This method will destroy bacteria and living organisms only, so another method to eliminate heavy metals etc. is necessary. I use a reverse osmosis, but there is a lot of waste water by this method. At present we use the waste water on the garden, but after the pole shift another method will have to be used as you don't want the excess lead in your vegetables. For the dark years after the pole shift an ultra violet sterilizing pen could be used. It's battery operated and easy to carry in a pocket by hikers, campers etc.

Offered by Jan.