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I found information on Ozone purification. Walton Feed also talks about purifying water with ionised oxygen. I am now going to see if we can get this product in Australia. You don't realise how lucky you are in America.

Offered by Jan.

A company called ALAB, a research and development company in Pittsford has developed a generator that can miniaturize ozone purification, the detoxification process used by most municipal water treatment facilities. ALAB's device has shrunk the process from the size of railroad boxcar to the size of a food processor. The generator has a 15 year life span and will retail from $80 to $300... best of all no filters required.... coming in 2000 to a store near you. This information is from Business Week (11-22-99).

Offered by John.

Delzone has for years produced a variety of ozone purification units for pools and spas. The principal is to pull air past a quartz ultraviolet tube, which produces ozone air this is then mixed with the water. A simple venturi, a narrow opening with fast moving water, pulls in the air past the UV light and mixes it with the water. What you found may or may not use the same principle. Depending on the volume flow the price of what you found could be much cheaper. We should keep an eye open for more information on this.

Offered by Mike.

The nice thing about an Ozonator is that it can also be used for your hydroponics to not only oxygenate the nutrient solution but also kill algae growth. For about the same price, you can get ozonators for hydroponics use now, that are of pretty good quality for ozone purification. Keep in mind ozone only kills living organisms but does not filter out impurities. It will be interesting to see if ALAB combines theirs with some pre or post filtering for impurities, but at that price, it sounds like it could be a good buy.

Offered by Steve.