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Reeves Glass RG4330 Distilling Apparatus

A general purpose batch distillation assembly. Ideally suited for the production of high purity distilled water. The flask has a flat bottom with a side delivery tube, terminating in an S joint.

CapacityCondenserStopperS Joint
1000ml 200mm#2719/38
2000ml 300mm#3224/40
Stopper/Flask only500ml#22 stopper
Stopper/Flask only1000ml#27 stopper
Stopper/Flask only2000ml#32 stopper

SunWater Solar Distillers

Portable, affordable, no power required. Use for battery water in remote places without stores. Pure, delicious drinking water&endashnormally more pure than any bottled water. Eliminates salts, minerals, bacteria and radioactive minerals. Greatly reduces chlorine, pesticides, THM's and chemical fertilizers but in rare cases of extreme contamination may also require carbon filtration. Great for replacing battery water for alternative energy systems in remote areas.

1-person2 liters/day(WC360)$432
2-person5 liters/day(WC361)$570
3/4-person8 liters/day(WC362)$790

Solar Pasteurizers

Portable, affordable, no power required. Use the free energy of the sun to disinfect water. Kill harmful microbes by raising the water temperature to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of the danger in remote water sources comes from water borne diseases. Great for water that is basically free from salts and industrial pollutants. Distillation produces chemically pure water in limited quantity; pasteurization can disinfect a larger amount of contaminated water per day using less energy.

In just 2-3 hours of direct sunlight the Family Sol*Saver produces 3.5 gallons (13 liters) of purified water and on an average sunny day, the Sol Saver produces 200 gallons (757 liters). A $400 add on to the Sol Saver lets you burn wood on days without sun and produce up to 30 gallons per hour. The Wood Saver only uses wood (it doesn't have a solar collector) and makes 30 gallons per hour).


I own a commercial distiller and distill all of my cooking and drinking water. I researched the market for about 2 months, reading all the literature and talking to various people in the industry. I chose a distiller from Waterwise. I use the model 7000 which costs over $1000. They do have countertop models for a few hundred dollars. They are just as good, they just produce smaller quantities of water.

Offered by Michael.