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I think one should concentrate on how to purify water, and not store much of it. One could not practically store enough for any length of time. We will need 30 plus years or more before the rain washes the toxins out of the air and the sun can be seen again. Much more than this before the ground and lakes are clean, I expect. Constant volcanic activity will be the cause. One could store the thin plastic containers empty and then after the pole shift fill them with purified water. One could store a small amount in small well supported sturdy containers (1-5 gallon) to get one by until one could get the purification process started.

If one really wants to store lots of water one way would be to build an underground culvert storage space, then find a big thick plastic garbage bag. A water bed would work. Put the bag in the empty culvert, run a short filler hose through the top of the storage container. Fill with water, being sure to fill it completely. The bag will take the shape of the container. Put some Colloidal silver in it to kill bacteria growth. With little to no air in the top it will not slosh around, thus no extra forces trying to tear it apart when the shaking starts. You could also take a typical plastic water barrel, say 55 gal, dig a hole and place sand around it and fill it completely with water. In fact any of the so called weak containers could work if sand were packed around them. This would be true whether placed underground or placed in a strong crate.

Offered by Mike.