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In southern California we get a lot of rust and mud for several days coming through the pipes after every good sized earth quake we get. When choosing your water filter supplies, take into account the following: After a lot of earth quakes, any water source will have more mud, and other contaminates in it. Not to mention that when the shaking stops, all the sources of water (stream, well, rain, ..) will inherently have more contaminates than normal water piped into houses today. The lifetime of any filter could go down by a factor of 10-100 or more of what it normally would be expected of today's city water. What this means is that a ceramic filters that would normally filter 60,000 gallons, may only filter 600 gallons or less after the pole shift.

Multistage filtering becomes recommended. Pre-filters made of sand, swimming pool filters, or other commercial particle filters could be used to get the big particles out before going to the next stage. Occasional back-washing would cut down on overall cost.

Offered by Mike.

A pre filter is necessary. Simple coffee filters will work. You can make a multiple coffee filter system very cheaply that will remove all particulate matter easily. Take a large diamet PVC pipe and put a series of circular filters inside of it. works great.

Offered by Eric.