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Water purification is a real issue. I was a door to door water purifucation salesman for my first job a long time ago. A few things I did learned Carbon attracts Carbon. The premise of the filter was to run the water through a charcoal lined tube. A whole host of nasty chemicals would then be removed from the water. If coal is at all available in your area that may be one solution.

Offered by Brand.

Filtering is a very economical choice, but the filter must be replaced according to the manufacturer's instructions. If it is not replaced in a timely manner, greater quantities of bacteria may be introduced into your water than exist in the tap water itself.

Offered by Michael.

There are magnetic water filters (both home sized units as well as a trailer mounted unit for emergency water to small cities/towns). (Water filters are under the "purion" and "city-water" links.)

Offered by Thomas.

The Country Store has a water distiller as well as many other items for being on foot. Cost for the distiller is $169.00,not cheap, but portable.

Offered by Tim