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icon Salt Water

From The book of Survival by Anthony Greenbank, pages 51-52.

Whatever is advised her, the temptation will grow and grow and grow. The castaway, anguished with thirst, thinks that perhaps he is different and will be able to take salt water without harm. That perhaps there is some loophole and he'll be all right. Then vague recollections of people who survived by drinking taboo fluids come pounding in. Then what the hell ...

And he drinks (perhaps pretending it to be accidental). And at first seems the winner. The saline refreshes, revives, assuages. It seems to last, too, until he presently is called on to sip again. And again. And again. And againandagainandagainandagainandagain. His thirst, whatever before, will balloon into fiendish proportions. And quite soon, with racing pulse, sickness, enlarged tongue, blue skin, glassy eyes, deluded and deaf, he will die in delirium.

Sea water can be used: for cooling hot body; chilling eye compresses when you are sunblind; swilling off salt encrusted tarpaulins/containers/decks when rain shower is due and you don't want solid salt in supply. But never drink it!

Offered by Clipper.