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Chlorinated water is very bad for living creatures.

Offered by Leila.

Chlorine is a solution if you can run to the grocery store and buy some chlorine, but I suspect I won't have that opportunity after the pole shift. I prefer a solution where I don't need to rely on stockpiles, but instead rely on things that I can produce myself. Undoubtedly I will stock some supplies just in case things get rough, but eventually my supply of chlorine would run out. Maybe it would run out in 10 years, but it would still eventually run out. And, no matter how safe the boy scouts say it is, I still don't like the idea of drinking even minute amounts of chlorine. Who can say for sure what long term affects it has.

Offered by Ryan.

Carrying around a little chlorine sure beats lugging around a still!

Offered by Woodie.

Chlorine will kill bacteria,yes that is true, but Chlorine will not kill a virus! A bacteria is a living thing, but a virus is not. Our biologists are having problems defining a virus. Is it a living thing, or is it a non living thing? Both answers are correct, because a virus in its dormant state consists only of a shell of protein and RNA inside it and that is all a virus is until it finds a host like a living cell and injects its RNA into the host cell to propagate. It then multiplies after the host cell DNA is destroyed/modified and replaced by the virus RNA.

Offered by Tian.