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PentaPure Purification Technology

Every WTC/ECOMASTER water purifier utilizes PentaPure Purification Resin to make your water microbiologically pure. NASA has used iodinated resin technology since 1981 to purify water for the U.S. astronauts during each space shuttle mission. With the help of this revolutionary technology, the astronauts recycle the water created by condensation from the shuttle's energy cells, allowing them to conserve both time and space.

This same technology is the basis of WTC/ECOMASTER's unique water purification systems. PentaPure resin has become the most effective, practical, and adaptable means yet of destroying harmful, waterborne bacteria and viruses, providing safe, purified drinking water! PentaPure resin is a unique purification technology based on the natural phenomenon of electrostatic attraction.

PentaPure is manufactured through a complex proprietary process. In short, polyiodide ions are bound to an anion exchange resin, creating a positively charged structure. Waterborne Pathogenic bacteria and viruses are negatively charged, so the positive charge of PentaPure resin attracts the negatively charged contaminants found in water. When the contaminant comes into contact with the PentaPure resin bead, sufficient iodine is released to penetrate and kill the microorganism.

There are several distinct advantages to this demand-release technology. First, sufficient iodine is released when negatively charged contaminants are present in the water to neutralize those microorganisms. PentaPure resin leaves only a slight residual, which can be removed with a carbon filtration stage after purification. PentaPure resin is more effective than constant-release disinfectants like chlorine and iodine tablets (I2) due to electrostatic attraction. Negatively charged microorganisms and positively charged resin are naturally drawn to each other -- ensuring contact and devitalization of the contaminants. With constant-release disinfectants like chlorine and iodine tablets, contact is random. This is why a holding time of 20 to 30 minutes is typically required, and the concentration of disinfectant attacking an individual organism may not be high enough to ensure a complete kill.

The configuration of WTC/ECOMASTER purification products typically consists of three phases. Phase one, sediment filtration, removes suspended solids from the water. Phase two, PentaPure Purification Resin, kills waterborne microorganisms including bacteria and viruses too small to be filtered. Phase three, carbon filtration, absorbs organic contaminants from the water. Our three-stage process not only creates water with improved taste, odor and appearance, it also destroys dangerous, disease-causing microorganisms, leaving you Purified Water ... Anytime, Anywhere!