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icon Distilling Drinking Water

Lead is fairly easy to remove using nothing more than a quality Granulated Activated Compressed Carbon block. However, distillation really takes care of everything and is a simple technology, an after filter of carbon on a distiller takes care of any contaminates that might co-distill. If electricity is available then at least a 600 watt element is needed to slow boil approximately 15-20 liters of water, otherwise fossil fuel or perhaps producer gas and a simple coil condenser run through cold water is all that is needed - the whole thing could be built for no more than $10.00. I once designed and built a prototype distiller that had a large lid with an oversize heat sink with fins like those seen on radio transmitters, it worked as well as a condenser coil type. This is a simple drawing of the condenser distiller I built.

distillation device

Offered by Darryl.