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TOPIC: Fish Farms

Aquaculture produces prodigious amounts of high protein food. Many Information sources exist on CD-ROM, via BBS or ftp/Gopher, or on List Serves. For the Beginner, and Practical Advice exists, and Aquariums are good practice. Salmon, Perch, Catfish, Carp, Tilapia, shrimp and Crayfish are successfully being farmed today in established aquafarms. Hydro/Technologies explains the various Methods of aquaculture, the Symbiotic interaction between plants and fish, and the Equipment needed. Acquaponics is the synergy of aquaculture and Hydroponics, but there are Issues. Barrel-Ponics is a small space solution. Fish ponds should be Temperature controlled, but catfish can Winter Over and a Paddle Wheel can help. Swimming Pools can be used as ponds. In calculating the Yield, one must consider the Food Chain. Fish may need to be protected from Shock during the pole shift. A natural food source for fish in ponds or tanks is algae grown from sewage effluent. Marsh Areas areas to cleanse sewage effluent are odor free and serve as wildlife refuges and recreation areas. Water Lillys are effective in this regard. Fish do not accumulate Lead from polluted water.