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TOPIC: Vegie Power

Alternative fuel used to power Generators such as the China Diesel exist. Alcohol, such as an Ethanol Fuel Cell, is an alternative to gasoline, as is Methanol. Bio-Diesel, made from Vegetable Oils, can also replace gasoline and can fuel Appliances. Bio-Gas known and used around the world. A Variety of veggie fuels can be made, the Ingredients and Recipes known. These engines can be started in Cold Weather, according to The Veggie Van, a bio-diesel advocate. Rapeseed oil can be used directly as a fuel, but requires Sunlight to grow. Castor Oil can also be mixed with gasoline, but as with all vegie oils, Extraction or Oil Press methods must be used. Examples of wood gas Generators are available. Wood Gas can be garnered while making charcoal, a process known as Biomass which requires a Closed Container. Wood Gas cars are operating in Finland, documented instructions including an Abstract, Fuels, Gas Generation, Materials, Generator, Upper Mantle, Lower Mantle, Outer Mantle, Combustion, Gas Filter, Gas Cooler, Vehicles, Reservoir, Mixer, Operation, Malfunctions, Problems, Maintenance, Tar, and Drawings. Aftertime considerations are Availability of wood, Wet Wood, Continuous operation, and Maintenance of the engines.