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Standing Water

We should have an understanding for selecting a Hydraulic Ram Pumps Why would we be interested in this? They are a class of water pumps that use the inertia of water to pump water to say 10 times the height that water falls. No power source needed. For example let us say we capture a water head pressure of 140 ft into an automatic running Hydraulic ram pump. This might pump 1/12 the volume that enters the pump up the side of a hill to about 1400 ft to a holding tank above where your site is. This would run 24 hrs/day for free. Any excess water you don't use can be converted to electricity. With prevalent rain after the pole shift one could divert water to your holding tank from further up the hill. Once the rains stop or slow down, implement the Hydraulic Ram Pump. The process can be implemented at relatively low cost. The items don't take up much space. They are simple construction and easy to repair, but do take some before pole shift planning and stock piling.

Offered by Mike.