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Pump Water

Seeing that we are going to have more water than sun, I came across a non-electric, non-solar water pumping system called the Flemming Hydro-Ram (The Ram Company). It’s simplicity at its most elegant!

The Ram Company, Hydro-Ram Prices and Features. - Fleming Hydro-Ram Prices and Features. 1" RAM PUMP Our least expensive standard 1-inch ram requires only 1 gallon per minute water flow. All parts are PVC plastic. Clear air compression chamber allows view of water-to-air ratio.. Order No. RP10000.

Offered by Pat.

There was a lot of information on this in the Shuttlesworth Mother Earth News magazines in the early 70's, and some others now. You can actually build your own ram from plumbing parts if you know how.

Offered by Eric.