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The options for home scale micro-hydroelectric systems are very limited. A few companies will custom design and build a system, assuming you have a high enough head. But their systems are not really designed for the single home site. The price is very high! The Alternate Energy Source book published by the Real Goods Trading Corporation offers two hydroelectric systems. Both of these systems are designed too operate on a minimum head of 20 feet and 100 gallons of water flow per minute. The “standard" output is 400 watts @ 12 Volts Direct Current or 700 watts @ 24 Volts Direct Current. In their book they site the following as a "typical" installation:

Site Conditions:
Head100 feet
Flow15 gallons per minute
Pipe Length300 feet
Pipe Size2" PVC
Distance To Battery30 feet
Output100 watts
Costs: (from a few years ago)
Wire, etc$50
Total Costs$1545