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ZetaTalk: Being Conscious
Note: written Jun 15, 2002

A difficult concept for many humans is the concept of consciousness. They see the babe in the crib, aware seemingly only of its stomach and need for milk, and compare it to the dog at their feet, seemingly aware and alert. Is the babe conscious, and the dog not? The point at which consciousness is present is not crisp or clear. Is the human conscious because they have a certain IQ? Yet it is reported that retarded humans can have incarnating souls. Is the human conscious because they discern themselves as separate from other humans? Yet so many humans are so fuzzy about their identity that they join any group for a sense of belonging, and confuse their actions with the leaders. Is the human conscious because they have a memory, can compute, can put A and B together and come up with C? Yet the Chimp uses tools, and a wolf pack can figure where the prey may be running to next, and many animals have long memories and are crafty. At what point does consciousness click in, or click out, if it does, and is it thus possible for a dog to have a soul and a human not?

We have stated that an existing soul may chose to incarnate in an animal that does not have the potential of sparking a soul, for education reasons. Thus, the dog or snake or dolphin does not spark a soul, but can be incarnated on occasion. To spark, the biological entity must have the capacity to envision itself as separate, and where many animals seem to have this trait, they do not. A dog will understand that it is being yelled at by its master, or snarled at by the leader of the pack, and by groveling and crawling away is indicating they seem to understand another has interacted with them, as a separate being. But this is instinctive activity, this is not a discernment of separate biological entities. The dog has evolved to react in such a manner, to challenge until certain signs are present, then to submit. Instinct is not consciousness. Biologically programmed reactions are not consciousness.

Even as the babe is lying in its crib, asleep or crying for milk, seemingly unaware of its surroundings, it is aware. It understands that when it smiles at mother, and mother picks it up, that is has engaged in an interaction with another. This is not the same as a birdling in a nest, putting its beak up for food when the mother bird alights. That is instinct. On evolving worlds that do not have genetic engineering, the species that eventually emerges to have consciousness, and thus sparking souls, gets there slowly. At first, there is instinct. Then there is increasing intelligence until the concept of separateness begins to be a factor. Increased intelligence tends to be selected for survival, as the intelligent species can better their odds. Thus, the more intelligent in the group breed to increase intelligence, and the trend hastens yet more. Thus, where not visible in man, his consciousness, awareness of himself as separate, a factor absolutely necessary for sparking of souls, is there.

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