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ZetaTalk: Categorization
Note: writen during the May 25, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session

The Earth, at close to 5 billion people, is approximately 25% Service-to-Other orientation, 7% Service-to-Self orientation, and 68% undecided.
ZetaTalk: Photon Belt
Reincarnation will not be affected by the pole shift any more than normal life cycles. Humans died young in the past. In the days of the cave man life was far shorter, so this is common to your species. There will be much death, and this has horrified many people, but at the present time the majority of humans on Earth, in fact four-fifths or more, do not have reincarnated souls but can spark new souls. This has happened because of the population explosion.
ZetaTalk: Harvest

Why did we state, in the Photon Belt writeup, that there were close to 5 billion people, when the figure is closer to 6 billion? The billion excluded is those human bodies incarnated by other than terran born souls, in other words, Star Children. And who were we addressing when we stated the percentages of Service-to-Other, Service-to-Self, and Undecided? Clearly not human bodies who were only a potential for a soul, not having sparked yet. Could these humans be Service-to-Other, a non-existent soul having made this decision? Could they be undecided, if they were not yet aware of themselves to the extent of realizing there was a choice? The percentages, reaching 100% in total, were addressing those approximate 1 billion humans incarnated with terran born souls, sparked in past lifetimes. Thus, the percentages, how the Earth's human population breaks down, is:

1 billion or so incarnated by terran born souls, which break down into 25% Service-to-Other, 7% Service-to-Self, and 68% undecided.
1 billion or so incarnated by souls born elsewhere, assisting in the Transformation, in other words, Star Children.
4 billion fogged potentials, dazed and gap-mouthed, trying to sort out the world on their first tour.
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