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ZetaTalk: Certainty
Note: written during the April 20, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Thus, many cast about for certainty, to assist them in their decisions, which are of great import in their lives. Who can they look to, for answers?

  1. The church, which preaches Armageddon, but does not give a date, and states that clinging to the doctrine and being one of the faithful will save the faithful in a rapture. However, even firm believers feel nervous about this, though they admit this little.
  2. The governments, which will become increasingly tight-lipped as this year passes, doors shut, no comment, and can be expected only to follow their current line of revelation, which is close to nil.
  3. Scientists, who argue among themselves in any case, and deal with contradictions to the current theory by shouting the contradiction down and refusing to put the contradicting parts together. If they cannot resolve the arguments about Global Warming, they can hardly be expected to resolve, in 2002, the arguments pro and con a possible pole shift.
  4. Major Media, which may surprise mankind in coming forth with real documentaries and exposés that would lead the common man to at least consider the possibilities, in the context of discussing "mysteries" or "possibilities" and having talk shows. But in that major media are owned by few, and tightly controlled in the main, this can turn either way, occurring or not, depending upon human motives and decisions, being in the hands of man.

Thus, there is only one source of stunningly accurate predictions related to the current changes - ZetaTalk. Having predicted the current weather changes, the current increase in volcanism and earthquakes, the current economic and crop shortage problems, to say nothing of the location of the inbound planet - ZetaTalk stands out as a source of certainty, or so it is hoped.

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