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ZetaTalk: Curing Cancer
Note: written on Jul 15, 1996

Cancer is considered a scourge of mankind, as cancer is so often what the mortician writes as the cause of death. What is poorly understood is that cancer is a natural process which allows the organism an out, a type of suicide. How often is it observed by humans that a fellow, informed that they have incipient cancer, continues the activity that is deemed to be causing or encouraging the cancer. Smoking is a case in point. Cancer is developing all the time, but is held at bay by scavenger cells that mop them up, as is known by your biologists. What occurs in cancer development is that the scavengers are told to cease, to back off and let the destruction proceed. Cancer occurs for the same reason many infectious diseases run rampant, because the immune system turns off. As has long been recognized by humans, the immune system is highly sensitive to one's surroundings, and by design. Suicide in nature is rarely possible, other than to cease eating or fail to remove oneself from danger, both actions which are associated with mental depression.

The frantic war against cancer waged by the medical profession is most often a losing battle because the patient has determined the outcome. Spontaneous remission occurs without medical assistance, and many cancer patients can be found to have several of these in their history. When a spontaneous remission occurs during medical treatment, the treatment is credited, but in truth the success is due to the care and attention the patient receives. At last they get time off from the hated job, have someone ask with sincerity how they feel that day, or escape from a domineering spouse with a hospital stay. Cancer treatments are always futile where the underlying causative situation is not addressed, as even if all the cancer cells are eradicated, which is never the case, they would just recur in some other spot. To cure cancer, address the patient's life first, and attack the tumor as a secondary measure.

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