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ZetaTalk: Cultural Influences

Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

The culture indeed affects how the human relates to its environment. This culture begins prior to birth, when the fetus anticipates how human emotions will be accepted within the human culture. The infant in the womb is not unaware of discussions, arguments, resolutions, and any resentment the mother may feel in these matters. The infant stands in his mothers shoes, truly. Thus even before birth the infant anticipates how its persona will be accepted, how its emotional tone will be received, when it is safe to assert the self, and under what situations true fear for the safety and security of the individual arises.

In some cultures the individual is allowed true expressions. No matter what the mind-set of the individual, this can be expressed. This is not to say that actions against another, which would hinder the free progress of others or harm others in their innate right to be, are allowed. We are talking here of honesty, in expressing one's true impressions and mind-set. In these cultures the individual feels secure in his or her person, and as the majority of conflict situations involve the perceived repression of free expression, much energy is freed to attend to the common good. These cultures therefore become more secure in general, and there is less emphasis on trying to dominate the environment.

In other cultures much anxiety exists because those parts of humans which are quite natural are not accepted. A battle begins even before birth, in which the individual buries those parts of itself not acceptable, but has buried the un-dead. As in a nightmare, the un-dead parts of itself arise, and must be dealt with. There is rage at the necessity for this. The individual fights with itself, and therefore there is little energy to attend to the common good. Thus not only is the individual insecure, due to the lack of consideration perceived from others, but the community is insecure, from the lack of concern for the common good.

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