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ZetaTalk: Racial Hatred
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Many agendas are ascribed to racial hatred when the cause is something different. Why do people war with each other? For territory, resources, sexual prize, booty, slaves, a sense of conquest, a sense of power, greed, hunger, fear of the other, ignorance - there are many reasons. When warring occurs between people of different races, everything is ascribed to racial hatred. Take note of what happens when there is scarcely any difference between groups. Warring still occurs, but now it is ascribed to bad chemistry, a long standing feud, or a disagreement over boundaries.

Is this to say that there is no racial hatred? Certainly not. Racial hatred has the same base that hatred in general has, so here again we will point to the generic base. Empathy counters hatred, and empathy is strongest where the entities find themselves in similar circumstances. People of similar backgrounds, same sex, same upbringing by parents of similar personalities, same life situation, same religion, same schooling and exposure to the same media - these people will sympathize with each other and forgive each other trespass, temper flares, theft, and rivalry. People with dissimilar backgrounds will react entirely differently, flaring into arrest and lawsuits over a trivial affront, because the other is received with suspicion and a lack of understanding.

Therefore, see racial hatred in the same light as other hatreds - as one more factor posing a challenge to entities developing toward the Service-to-Others orientation. Empathy seeks to transcend differences, finding the common ground.

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