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ZetaTalk: Art Bell
Note: written on Oct 15, 1998

Few radio commentators have been as successful as Art Bell, who has enjoyed a long-lasting and lively career. This is in no small part due to Artís insight into the fascination that mankind has with mysteries and conspiracy theories. He puts aside anger and focuses on the possibilities, endlessly stringing these out before his rapt audience so that they are never disappointed. He has them staying up late and losing sleep, fighting to get access to his web site, and even switching jobs to be able to accommodate this late night schedule. Will Art run out of mysteries and conspiracies? Not during this era, which has them unfolding like the layers of an onion, each layer revealing yet another with a stronger odor! The Kennedy assassination, the alien presence, government cover-ups, the millennium cataclysms - all just beginning to break into the open. Just Art Bellís cup of tea!

The flap about resigning from the airwaves in late 1998 was intentional, a publicity stunt. There were, however, several factors that put Art Bell in a nervous position at that time. Being a good citizen, he has listened to those government agents that have come to him with requests in the past, giving their shills a voice on the airwaves. The megalith that is the US Government is not of one mind, and this is certainly true of such volatile subjects as the alien presence and the coming pole shift. Thus, an increasingly intense tug-of-war has begun between the various factions that wish to influence the outcome. The old CIA dominated crowd is losing out, with their desire to deny, spread disinformation, and punish infractions. The new MJ12 crowd is winning these days, with their desire to have the truth out there if only in the form of ZetaTalk and Indian legends with no punishment of those who speak the truth. Thus, shortly after a serious disinformation attempt, the statement by a remote viewing shill that the Sun has periodic cycles of 3,633 years, MJ12 called a temporary halt to reset the guidelines.

Below added on June 15, 2006.

Could you ask the Zetas about Art Bell, radio talk show host on Coast to Coast AM. I'm very concerned about Art Bell and his young Philippina bride of 21 years. Do the Zetas know if she is insincere? Will he come back to the States?

Art Bell is first and foremost a human being, subject to the same desires and grief that all deal with during an incarnation. Those who point to his Mason membership and the odd times he has been off the air, rumors on his son being kidnapped, and thus see in Bell a puppet of the establishment fail to understand that even puppets have their own personal agendas, and certainly attempt to lead their own lives. Yes, as we have mentioned, Bell listens to the establishment when they make requests, under the guise of national security. No, this is not the only thing going on in his life. It was no secret that Bell was deeply attached to his former wife, now dead. It is also no secret that young women in the Philippines, as in many Third World countries, are desperate for good marriages that will allow them to escape poverty. Old men seeking young brides is certainly not unknown or a new phenomenon. None of this means that the marriage will not be happy, as it bodes well for bringing both marital partners what they seek.

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