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ZetaTalk: Alien Bodies
Note: written on Sep 15, 1996

A recent trend in the deliberate Awakening of the populace has been the supposed discovery of pictures of dead aliens. Following the Roswell autopsy film a rash of such pictures have emerged. This is not by accident, and is more than just copycat behavior. Such pictures are deliberately being placed before the public to acclimate them to the concept of visitors from other planets and the odd appearance that might be expected. Since rioting in the streets did not occur as a result of the release of the Roswell autopsy footage, a carefully staged fraud which was intended from the start to be discovered as such, those who would have the Awakening proceed post-haste have encouraged other such nudges. Accordingly a rash of pictures have come forth, all showing aliens in the most vulnerable of positions - dead, injured, and lying on the autopsy table under the knife of human scientists.

Still pictures of dead bodies are easy to produce, as any film maker will confirm. Most of the dead alien photos are a combination of real human bodies or body parts, augmented by putty or burns, thus the semblance of realism. If living children are sold into prostitution by their parents around the world and the elderly abandoned, how easy would it be to purchase the bodies of dead children and aged? Crematoriums are another source of such bodies, as one urn of ashes looks much like another, and how would the family know otherwise? These dead bodies, all hominoids and none larger than the average human, are to acclimate the populace to the concept of intelligent visitors from other worlds, while reassuring the populace that such visitors can be killed in crashes just as humans are killed on the highway. The intended message is that alien visitors are not that much different from humans.

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