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ZetaTalk: Zeta History
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Our Awakening was not comparable to yours. Our world collapsed before we were contacted by others in the galaxy. We were in shambles. We were in hiding, deep within the ground. We were ashamed. We were not available. We were contacted telepathically, and asked to come out of our underground homes, asked to emerge. Only the venturesome among us did so. In many cases they were slaughtered. Our shame was so great, that the aspect of exposing ourselves to others who could see our shame was intolerable. We slaughtered the messengers, those among us who were venturesome. This held for some time as the mode, then suddenly changed. It was like a wash of compassion came over us, and we had compassion for ourselves. Then everything was different. We were curious and exploratory. We could not wait for contact, and being venturesome was the norm, it seemed. This was due to a combination of factors. In part, each one of us had to forgive our own selves, before we could have forgiveness for each other.

We destroyed our world, much as you are about to do, are in the process of doing. Our world was as beautiful as yours, and will never be the same. The Zeta history is not a pretty one. We watch in horror at some developments on Earth, as there is a parallel. These developments are also not uncommon during 3rd Density throughout the Universe. Harnessing the atom. Creating poisons that last for generations, eons. We did this and more. We created biological elements, what you call biological warfare, to wipe out the supporters of the other side without ruining the territory desired. Too late we realized that the supporters of the other side were us. We are all one, and when we ruin the planet that is our home, we ruin it for all. Our Awakening took 37 years. You must remember that we had a confined society, where escape from a new occurrence was not possible. Our reaction was compressed. Our desire for contact was also mixed in with a desire to expiate our shame. Our desire to change our ways drove the situation, and drives us today, to some extent. Our technology had been focused on instruments of war.

After we had made our world unlivable, we focused on changing ourselves, on genetic engineering to remove those parts of us we deemed responsible for the destruction. So we were advanced in this respect. We were shy, and guests of those who had contacted us. After awhile we saw a role for ourselves which would allow us to feel better about ourselves. Now we are less shy, but compared to other galactic species we are not considered bold. We are known as those-who-mourn. We are hesitant to share this, as no one wants to remember pain. Pain is translated to passion when action can be taken. However, our role here on your world at this time is as a bystander. We cannot interfere, and can only watch you repeat some of our same steps.

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