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ZetaTalk: Vancouver

Written September 11, 2010

With regards to the "sloshing Pacific in the straits off Victoria" the Zeta's explained would follow the 8+ magnitude earthquakes in Japan, how much "sloshing" can be expected? I have a friend who lives water front there who I warned about this and he expressed some concern about this. Would it be the likes of a major tsunami or excessive high, rolling tides? Also would the Vancouver area be greatly affected by this as a number of populated areas are at ocean level. The Ache tsunami was 50-100 feet in height on all continents affected not 20-30 feet. It doesn't much matter the source of the tsunami, whether from earthquakes in Japan or earthquakes from subducting plates off the coast, both can result in deadly tsunami. Any tsunami affecting the strait of Juan de Fuca by default, because a tsunami rolls to all coastlines affected equally, would affect ANY inland WA and Canadian coastline on the Juan de Fuca, and not just Victoria. And how about the Pacific coast of WA. Won't they get hit with a tsunami first? Anyone on the strait, anyone on the sound, anyone on the coast, would want to know, including Vancouver BC, Seattle and the coastal communities of inland WA. Would you kindly please ask the zetas for clarification about their warning?

Where Vancouver Island lies entirely on the Juan de Fuca Plate, but this plate is not homogeneous. It is composed of different rock strata, and as we have noted in explaining why the Seaway rips as it does on the N American continent, rock strata do not bond firmly to one another. The Strait of Juan de Fuca passes Vancouver Island where 3 different such rock strata abut each other in close succession, and thus the Leech River Fault. A jolt to the Juan de Fuca Plate, because of adjustments in the Pacific following the Japan quakes, will cause these strata to slip. Where this might create sinkholes or other such minor changes in the ground along the Leech River Fault, it will certainly set the deep water in the straits to sloshing. Victoria is at an extremely low sea level elevation, and Victoria West and James Bay which are AT sea level will be swamped by this sloshing. Towns elsewhere along the straits or on neighboring islands have more protection in elevation. Much of Victoria will find water in its streets to a depth of 20 feet, with little warning as the reaction to the Japan quakes will come across the Pacific from plates pushing plates with lightning speed. This is not a tsunami.

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